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Missing Billions?

One explanation about the missing billions in government budgets is the influx of secret planes being developed in "black" programmes by governments around the world in an effort to expand aerospace control and beyond into advanced exploration. Check out the sites listed for a round-up of some projects being developed in the dark known as black projects.

1. The most prolificly mentioned x-plane these days is the Aurora spy plane at

2. Check out the this site for info on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV. Top class tech.>

3. One of the first known x-planes, the X-15, from forty years ago was capable of more than mach 6
travel so you can imagine how fast the x fleet is today. Have a look at x-15 pics at this site.

4. This site has a blog entry estimated the amount of money gone missing from the budget to accommodate black projects.

5. For more on uav's visit

6. The Russians dabble in the dark side of things too. You can read about their x-planes in the
book Soviet X-Planes by Yefim Gordon and Bill Gunston.

7. For a comprehensive x-plane listing visit

8. Read blog entries by people in the know about advance plasma based Russian planes.

9. My favourite x-plane is the TR3-B which can do some serious stuff. Read about it at:

10. Have a look at the SR-71A blackbird replacements, the SR-75A, B and C.