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Dali Disney Destino

DaliNEW YORK -- A narrow waisted, emerald-eyed brunette flits through a desert full of melting clocks and wacky perspectives, looking for her lover. Giant telephones levitate. Bicyclists with bread loaf helmets pedal by. Such is "Destino," a film by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. Only six-minutes long, the fantastical jewel packs enough symbols to keep art historians and psychologists busy for years.

Begun in 1946 but shelved because of financial difficulties, the film was finally completed in 2003 by Roy E. Disney, Disney's nephew and son of Walt Disney Co.'s co-founder. It is showing for the first time in New York City as the centerpiece of a new exhibit at Animazing Gallery.

Claudia La Rocco -- "Dali Disney Collaboration Premieres"