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Arresting globalism with local markets

GOWRAN -- The small Sunday farmers' market in Gowran Park, County Kilkenny, stands as a testimony against the rising tide of globalism that has diluted some of the pleasures of rural Ireland. Josephine Gräfin Plettenberg thinks it is important to have a local community option where parents and young children can chat and shop. No cars need to figure in the fixture.

Plettenberg makes the point "increasing globalisation means tht the world is getting smaler. Our reach seems infinite with options to cht and deal with anyone, anytime, anywhere. In some strange way, this however has also meant that the old communication, the old community, is disappearing."

In my own experience, it is easier to engage in virtual chat on a computer rather than an actual chat in a town cente. Having lived in Germany, I know the delightful smells and tastes of German Christmas markets. If Plettenberg succeeds in bringing German würstchen and glühwein to the market stalls in Gowran, I will be the first in the queue.

Josephine Gräfin Plettenberg -- "Shopping local and staying local" in the Kilkenny People, October 29, 2004.
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