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Applying UML and Patterns

CRAIG LARMAN -- We bring a renowned software expert into our multimedia programming classroom as we learn more about OOA/D, patterns, object technologies, and iterative agile development methods. Larman's seminal work¹ is the world's best-selling text on OOA/D.

Main points of the six lectures on patterns:

  • Defining requirements and use cases.
  • Modeling domain objects, attributes, and requirements.
  • Creating layered architectures.
  • Designing objects with responsibilities.
  • Using "Gang of Four" and other design patterns.
  • Mapping designs to code.
  • Applying OOA/D in the context of agile, iterative development and the Unified Process.
  • Expressing results with UML 1.4 notation.

Craig Larman -- Applying UML & Patterns Training Course ISBN 0130479500
¹Craig Larman -- Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to OOA/D and the Unified Process