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Adding an RSS feed to UBB

CLONMEL -- One of the designs we study is adding function capability to Perl-based systems. In this case, we have the Perl libraries for UBB Classic to examine. With the Content Islands features, not only can you export content from your UBB.classic to your website, you can also syndicate your content so that RSS aware programs can pick it up. This allows people even more access to your site and makes them more attached to your community. Creating RSS feeds in the control panel is easy - the default options are set to reasonable limits for server resources and legibility in an RSS reader, and it takes very little time to set up. You can bolt on an RSS feed to UBB classic this way:

  • Enter your control panel and the left hand menu click "Content Islands".
  • Click the "Add New Content Island" tab.
  • Select what type of content you want to syndicate.
  • Optionally change the name of the Content Island to one more suitable to the content you are exporting.
  • Select a forum to syndicate if you are syndicating new topics or individual posts.
  • Choosing "All forums" will not syndicate private forums - only the public forums will be syndicated.
  • Uncheck "Styled HTML as a _Javascript file".
  • Choose an RSS syndication format. It's a good idea to choose more than one type.
  • Click the "Create Island" button.

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