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Entrepreneurship in the classroom

GLOBE AND MAIL -- Entrepreneurship education is proliferating at the postsecondary level. One group of students wants to pursue their passions or is looking for career alternatives as big companies downsize. But others are already successful entrepreneurs, looking for guidance or an edge. In response, colleges and universities are tweaking their executive-education programmes to target entrepreneurs that already run their own businesses. "It's definitely a growing phenomenon," says Eric Morse, executive director of the University of Western Ontario's Institute for Entrepreneurship. UWO's new "Quantum Shift" program, which was offered for the first time this year, targets existing entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to the next level. Many students rave about the programme. Cameron Heaps, the 29-year-old CEO of an $8 million microbrewery, says the week-long programme taught him how to develop and finance a long-term expansion plan. Instead of making those decisions on the fly, he said, "It changed how I strategize."

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Arresting globalism with local markets

GOWRAN -- The small Sunday farmers' market in Gowran Park, County Kilkenny, stands as a testimony against the rising tide of globalism that has diluted some of the pleasures of rural Ireland. Josephine Gräfin Plettenberg thinks it is important to have a local community option where parents and young children can chat and shop. No cars need to figure in the fixture.

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Why digital cameras are better

Check out these 10 pages to find out why Digital is the way of today.

1. Answerbag explains the advantages and disadvantages of digital still cameras.

2. gives a positive, descriptive look at digital photography.

3. from Canon Corporation looks at the advtages of digital camerasfor underwater photography.

4. explains why digital cameras are better than the old film models.

5. National Gepgraphic Traveler Heather Morgan Shott explains why digital cameras "shine".

6. Jeremy McCreary explains what you need for digital photography if you are a landscape photographer.

7. This web page links to reviews of digital cameras by consumers.

8.>: D'Lynn Waldron writes about the advantages and also the disadvantages of Digital Still Cameras.

9. Rob Galbraith compares digital photography with film, and offers advantages on either side.

10. Casey Allen offers four basic advantages of Digital cameras.

Most common Moodle password

CLONMEL -- The most common password into Moodle, our virtual learning environment, is "password" and that will not surprise people who study human memory. On average, the human brain can hold only five to nine "random bits of information" in short-term memory. Considering the brain's limited capacity and the sheer number of secret names, codes, and words a person needs to remember in this password-protected age, it's no surprise that the most common password is simply "password."

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What about the music?

I am currently involved in a project to set up a radio station in Tipperary Institue. There is plenty of interest among the students to make sure the station is a sucess. Many of these students have a passion for music. I know there is going to be no shortage for music based programmes.

However I can not say the same for local and national radio stations here in Ireland.

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Copyright in the iDebate

CLONMEL -- If you like an image you see on the internet and you download it for use in your own space, you could be misappropriating the image. That's the point made by several people discussing Joi Ito's use of an "iDebate" image. The image and its connotations are interesting enough on their own. The discussion they spark on digital rights management should be required reading for creative developers worldwide.

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