Post-Structuralist Criticism
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CURRY -- Adam Curry and Dave Winer are tinkering with audio tracks for the iPod. James Corbett sounds like he's pulling down audio shows delivered via RSS enclosures for automatic synchronization with and playback on Apple's iPod. .
I read about the idea on and off through Curry's blog. He started with iPod for the Mac, then cobbled together a script to make things easier. Some readers on Slashdot blew off the idea as too simplistic but the simplicity makes it work. Besides, there's nothing simplistic about getting enclosure support on Feedster--something iPodders now have on offer.
Adam Curry -- "Daily Source Code" could be an hour-long MP3.
Dave Winer -- first "Morning Coffee Note" and "Trade Secrets" (which often sounds like it needs editing)
James Corbett -- "On-demand podcasted audio programming"
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