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Thong era has passed

Britney's thongDUBLIN -- If you want to look trendy, you must have a fashionable wardrobe. In 2004, that means no exposed thongs. You can take it from Yahoo Buzz and from anecdotal evidence--the era of the thong has passed. You can see this rite of passage by walking the perimeter of Temple Bar Square. It's a high-traffic area just outside of the meeting venue for Ireland's premier visual arts programme in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios. The only women wearing exposed thongs appear to be teenagers wearing hand-me-downs. The fashion police have spoken. Lose the Thong. It's a crime to show underwear above the top of your jeans.

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Teams develop multimedia

ACM -- The success of software team performance hinges on such factors as the personality composition of members, team leadership, and intra-team communication and coordination, all of which leads researchers to conclude that the human side of software development is more important than technological acumen, according to a recent study by a group from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Based on how individuals perform in four behavioral dimensions (social interaction, information gathering, decision making and dealing with the external world), the study offers recommendations for creating optimal software teams, as well as appointing the best personalities for distinct jobs. For example, teams with an "intuitive" team leader outperformed those with a "sensing" team leader.

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