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XML Hacks

XML HacksMike Fitzgerald explains how to use SGML to help auto-tag XML. His column is actually an extract from XML Hacks, a book incorporating many of Sean McGrath's shortcuts.

XML Hacks is a roll-up-your-sleeves guide that distills years of ingenious XML hacking into a complete set of practical tips, tricks, and tools for the web developers, system administrators, and programmers who want to go far beyond basic tutorials to leverage the untapped power of XML. If you've ever tried to go to a web page automatically and then parse the information by examining the string you got back, you can appreciate XML. While not perfect XML is probably the most practical option for packaging data that can be read by both humans and computers.

The book is very useful if you already deal with XML but it's certainly not a primer. You need to understand DTDs, schemas, and SOAP before you can really use every XML hack demonstrated.

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Belkin FM Transmitter

Belkin TunecastBELKIN -- One of the least expensive ways of operating a pirate radio station is to bolt a low-cost ($40) transmitter onto your MP3 player. Belkin has a solution that fits every budget. The Belkin F8V3080-APL snaps onto your iPod, PDA, MP3, CD, cassette player, PC, or laptop and lets you listen to your favorite tunes through any FM stereo receiver. The Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter wirelessly connects portable music players to your car or home stereo quickly and easily using FM radio waves. You simply plug the TuneCast II into the headphone jack of your iPod, PDA,MP3, CD, or cassette player or connect it to your PC or laptop computer. Tune your car stereo or receiver to any clear FM frequency, and enjoy your iPod music experience with more sound and fewer wires. The only problem is that the component is available for sale in North America. It works well in Ireland.

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Post-Structuralist Criticism

FOUCAULT -- In well-received presentations and journal publications, Michel Foucault challenged the privileged status of authors and creatives. He attacked the aloofness of major writers and artists. His challenge pointed to a range of modern artists, including van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. Foucault's challenge arose during the Structuralist influence which passed across French thought in the 1960s. Thinkers as diverse as Lacan, Althusser, and Barthes all questioned the concept of the author. In th Mass Communications and Culture class, we read some of the original critique of "the author" in a translation of a talk given at the Société Francaise de Philosophie, and first published in the Bulletin de la Société Française de Philosophie, no. 63, Paris, 169.

Josue Harari -- Textual Strategies: Perspectives in Post-Structuralist Criticism.

Copyrighting cars

CLONMEL -- In the parking lot of Tipperary Institute, people are talking about rstrictions on buying car parts. Strict design-copyright protection prevents the growth of a spare parts market. Major automakers control 88% of the EUR 10 billion-a-year crash parts market. Independent suppliers could swell replacement parts such as body panels, headlights and side mirrors.


Searching with A9 button bars

A9 -- Amazon and Alexa have shared technology that promises to change the face of the search engine world. It's called A9 and it offers an impressive range of information. If you have more than one Amazon identity, you can log in several times and see search streams related to specific areas that you have explored. You get normal web information--text and images--crawled by Google. You also get information from Amazon's books. Plus, you share information from the searches done by others. This is as remarkable as it is scary.

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