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Costs of Bedsits

Crap Jobs

CLONMEL -- Everybody knows students need jobs to buy books and to pay for things associated with college. But what are the worst jobs they have to take? Multimedia degree students in Tipperary Institute offered up their comments on the worst jobs.

  • Night petrol cashier. You get locked into a glass cage with no escape. You feel like a monkey in a zoo. People come by and make you scurry for crisps, milk and condoms. Gurriers break into the briquettes outside and toss them around the forecourt.
  • Phone sex-line operator. This pays well but it can erode your sincerity. You get "phrases men like to hear" in a little book. After a while, you can say the most shocking things as simply as asking "would you like a cuppa tea?"
  • Restroom cleaner. You have to wipe down walls that are wet from pee or slimy from feces. It's much worse at night, which is why most Irish takeaways are just takeaways.

Dan Kieran -- Crap Jobs