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YSEARCHBLOG -- There are so many cool things happening at Yahoo! I discovered how to make RSS intersect MyYahoo. I connect with family through webcam conversations in Yahoo! Messenger. My e-mail burden feels like 1998 even though the inbound traffic is in the hundreds of messages a day. I rejoined on 1988 through Launchcast Radio on Yahoo! I missed that entire year while working 156 feet underground all of 1988. So when a Yahoo Search Blog hit my aggregator, I was impressed. It promises "to provide a window into what our team is thinking and doing, in their own words (and maybe some guest bloggers as well). " That alone is exciting enough to generate a blogmark in my aggie.

Yahoo! is at ground zero of convergence on the Internet because Yahoo! does search well. People converge on search--some start with search--during their daily strolls through the Internet. Yahoo! has a better feel for search than it had two years ago partly because Yahoo! developers are responsible for their own search product now.

Have you seen these two things?

Yahoo -- "A look inside the world of search from the people of Yahoo!"