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Weblogs after the DNC

CADENHEAD -- After the Democatic National Convention of 2004, Rogers Cadenhead said "Collectively, weblogs represent a mass consumer revolt against the giant electronic media and the bottom-line fixated, risk-averse, synergy-loving infotainment cesspool that it has become."

From Xofis: "There's going to be a mass bifurcation of the media into intelligent and dumbed down. Even during the recent space shuttle tragedy, TV played to the illiterate vote by spending 100% of its time on asinine reaction shots rather than the core of the issue, why did the damn thing break apart? I was yelling at the talking heads at that point and primed for blogs. You can't blame them for catering to warm bodies and ratings, but it's not a satisfying experience for the rest of us."

An underlying point of Cadenhead's essay is that blogs give people an alternative news channel. That alternative is becoming more substantial by the day.

Rogers Cadenhead -- "Media takes a pass on the convention"
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