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Everyman photo contest

Everyman Photo ContestEVERYMAN -- The Everyman Annual Photo Contest accepts submissions up to October 4, 2004. There are small prizes available. The annual contest celebrates the work of amateurs. That's good because there aren't enough showcases for budding photographers.

Tony DeArmitt runs the event. He's "still a bent individual who laughs at things no one else does, makes odd noises to prevent the person sitting next to me on the metro from exploding and only eats things in pairs because just one oreo, peppermint patty or sunflower seed would be lonely in my stomach."

Armitt is including a "From the Attic" bonus category--photos taken more than 25 years ago. "Think pictures of your dad in the war, your family on vacation in orlando in '65, your grandparents as children on the steps of their neighborhood general store. For obvious reasons, you will not need to have taken the photo, but you should include the photographer's name, if known."

Tony DeArmitt -- Everyman Photo Contest and 2003 winners in travel/architecture.