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Danny O'Brien's Site of the Moment

IRISH TIMES -- "My favourite site to explore at the moment is Flickr," says Danny O'Brien. He explains why--and his opinion resonates.

  • You can restrict who views the images.
  • It has a very effective photo album organiser.
  • You can tag images with short descriptions.

"There's no more pleasant way to kill a few minutes than looking at what thousands of others have tagged with 'animals' or 'cute' or 'self-portrait'. It's like flicking through the best bits of dozens of strangers' photo albums."

Just be sure you have backups for your uploads. Hard drives are built to fail.

Danny O'Brien -- "Web photo sites can be a gamble" in The Irish Times, August 26, 2004.
Jon Udell -- "Next generation infoware"
Jeremy Zawodny -- "one of the best examples of next generation web services"