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GLOBAL PR BLOG WEEK -- The first Global PR Blog Week recently concluded and produced a stack of notes that I have to integrate into lesson materials for PR331, the college PR course I teach. I'll be meeting with Tom Murphy to share some of these reflections but in the meantime, I have some important discourse to consider from our online session.

  1. New Approches. Cutlip and Center cite "very tight, small and expert departments" in their take on "new approaches" to PR. It's actually more involved than that. As Roland Tanglao argues, "DIY PR will be the authentic voice of corporations. And it will come from employees and C-level executives doing it for themselves and their organizations and not from the professionals."
  2. Framing the Message for the New Loud. Hans Kullin believes part of the effort required to effectively frame a message is "to find ways to increase diversity of voices and to get a multitude of messages. Blogs ... are a very good start." Blogs do not get a single mention in the €100 textbook we use on the third level course.
  3. A New PR. Constantin Basturea challenges participants to endorse elements of a "new PR." His framework of analysis parallels the textbook topics related to "Ethics and Professionalism." This is always a timely topic.
  4. The profession today. Jeremy Pepper brings together thoughts from leading players in the industry and they ruminate about the state of the industry. The resultant blog posting is required reading for anyone new to PR and for those searching for deep insights from Edelman, O’Dwyer and Podboy.
  5. Using Puppets. Montag is "concerned with the increasing awareness among the public that PR operations make massive use of seemingly independent groups or experts to bolster the credibility of dubious claims." Welcome to the world of spin. The college textbook does not recognise "spin" in its index. Tip of the hat to the PR bloggers for pulling it out into the open.

Cutlip, Center and Broom -- "Effective Public Relations"