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Google Missing Manual

BN -- Every week I discover a time-saving technique using Google. I just thumbed through a book that will add another 30 timesavers to my skillset. This week, I was interested in songs by Irish artists that dealt with "home." Google allows you to do a phrase search even if you don't have an idea of what the complete phrase looks like. Wildcard search allows one to use an asterisk for any word that's missing. Google will fill it in automatically. This technique is very useful if you're on a radio quiz show trying to find lyrics for the last word of a verse.

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Maureen Gallace in the Hyde

Icy Barns by Maureen GallaceDUBLIN -- I shared a Gallace moment in the Douglas Hyde Gallery today. It happened through layers of white oil on canvas that evoked a shared memory, captured by the artist in her quiet, fastidious way. The cavernous void of the Douglas Hyde Gallery swallows Maureen Gallace's paintings but not to the detriment of the artwork. For Gallace understates her craft as a matter of course and those who know her art understand the need to see it up close.

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Global PR Blog Week Textbook

GLOBAL PR BLOG WEEK -- The first Global PR Blog Week recently concluded and produced a stack of notes that I have to integrate into lesson materials for PR331, the college PR course I teach. I'll be meeting with Tom Murphy to share some of these reflections but in the meantime, I have some important discourse to consider from our online session.

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