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Spam Assassin Logo Contest

TAINT -- The SpamAssassin project needs a new logo in time for Release 3.0.0 in early August 2004. The requirements are straightforward:

  • The main logo, for the website front page. is 421 pixels wide by 160 high.
  • You must create a high resolution version of the logo measuring at least 1000x380.
  • Create a smaller button for sites running SpamAssassin ("Powered by SpamAssassin" is suggested as the text or theme), about 90x30.
  • Create either either SVG for vector images, or XCF or PSD for pixel images (PNG if really unavoidable), a scalable vector format is optimal as the source format.
  • The winner must assign rights to the image over to the ASF so it can be used freely by SpamAssassin, permission given to use it in books, on merchandise. Authorship, however, is preserved -- and the designer will be credited in the distirbution file and on the website using the ASF's Contributor's License Agreement.
  • The contest is open until Aug 6 2004.

Justin Mason -- SpamAssassin Logo Contest"