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ANGIE McKAIG -- There are reasons for JK Rowling to go back to the drawing board with regard to her faux-desktop Web site. Although it might work well as a place to mess around and explore, the mystery-meat design doesn't show visitors information about Rowling's characters or storylines. Fortunately, quality alternatives exist, offering faster information and clearly defined site navigation features.

McKaig's main points deserve repeating.

  1. Active items do not change when you move the mouse over them.
  2. While some active items feature (slightly delayed) tool tips when you mouse over them, not all do.
  3. "Powering down" Flash components does nothing.
  4. Items which have no purpose other than decoration have the same visual weight as items which do have some purpose.
  5. The relationship of item to task is shoddy.
  6. The help button provides no alternative navigation.

Angie McKaig -- "Mystery Meat"
Vincent Flanders -- "Mystery meat naviagation"