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Classroom Wiki

KILKENNY -- We stutter-stepped with our classroom Wiki in 2004 and I've pulled it from view. We're cranking up an improved version in my MAVIS degree programme in Temple Bar and that should run better. But what is it with Wikis in the classroom? They're so helpful in the professional community but need some work in a classroom environment. I write it off to the elementary school blackboard precept--only the teacher had the communal chalk in primay school. Anybody else is worried about making the chalk screech on the blackboard. That's at odds with a Wiki where everyone can muck about and scribble to their heart's content.

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Conspiracy of language

TEMPLE BAR -- Overheard in an art criticism class:

Any language ... is a conspiracy against experience in the sense of being a collective attempt to simplify and arrange experience into manageable parcels.

Michael Baxandall -- Giotto and Other Orators