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July 26, 2006

On Technoculture

Outdoor ReadingPART OF TODAY'S podcast [Educast 62 27.4 MB MP3] deals with The Long Tail as inches out of its niche and rises closer to a Top 10 placement on the NYT best-sellers list. It doesn't hurt that Tipperary Institute has purchased 10 copies. We talk about the Long Tail along with 38 minutes of other topics. We use the Sony ICD MX-20 without a mic for two segments and our big fat iPod mic for the rest of the show. That's Robin Blandford's snap of the book cover, using his Sony Walkman phone.

00:08 “No Use Denying” from the Cool Waters Band. We like the intense and feel-good music offered podsafe by the Cool Waters Band.

06:40 The joy of use and easy portability of the Sony ICD MX-20. It comes with removeable AAA batteries that enable the digital dictaphone to record a half-day event without a bother.

09:00 Screen notes taken with the ICD MX-20 ( no external mic) about Channel 101, from Hummingbird Mentality.

15:40 Tagjag is a fun way to stumble upon interesting discoveries. Check out what it finds when looking for technoculture.

18:30 The new Irish Privacy Act is bad law. A democratic society thrives on being open. The new Privacy Act dampens that important ingredient. The National Union of Jounralists needs to stand up and refuse to join the Press Council if the Privacy Act becomes law.

27:55 More screen notes. Hear what Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, thinks about going from niches to riches.

29:50 People in Ireland think e-voting is a dead duck. It wasted €52m of funding. It needs to be politely pushed over the edge. Pay the Waste Electronic Fees and just let it go. Irish citizens don’t trust the minister who sheparded e-voting through the funding process and they don’t trust the use of electronic voting in national of local elections.

32:25 Socialtext offers its software as Open Source. This is a big deal! More than 2000 enterprises pay to use the enterprise edition. This stuff connects collaborates better than most other wikis.

34:11 We like our Sony Walkman phone.

35:55 Communications Officer Job with Future Builders needed to drive media strategies. Suspense: 28 July 2006.

36:50 UK Media Desk needs an assistant. It’s an admin job that interfaces with the press. Closes on 1 August 2006.

37:55 Credits. Thanks to the Cool Waters Band, Steffen Coonan, Gareth Stack, Michael Kiely, Tagjag, the Irish Examiner editorial page, Alison O’Connor, Conn O Muineachain, and Chris Anderson.

39:00 Ends. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to these educasts via iTunes and Odeo. And you can see us on Flickr by searching for educast.


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