April 18, 2013

Twitter Has a Job Fairy

I KEEP ONE of my Twitter accounts tailored so it follows people who create interesting rich media content. When that Twitter posse uses the #jobfairy hashtag, very relevant results appear in my twitterstream.

Information delivered via widget from Twitter.

December 04, 2012

Nominated for an Eddie in 2012

Nominated for an EddieBernie Goldbach in LSAD-Clonmel | Image from #eddies12.

I AM SURPRISED to receive a nomination in the podcasting category of the Edublog Awards for 2012 (#eddies12) because I was trying to keep this blog and its podcast off the radar. I have not succeeded.

The Educasting channel will become part of iTunes U in 2013 if creative multimedia students in the Limerick School of Art and Design complete a series of taskings in several academic modules. At the moment, Educasting from Ireland remains a work in progress. But friends in the Audioboo listening community are telling friends about it and those friends are visiting the site and that's causing me to accelerate the work needed to make the site actually worth a visit (or a vote).

The sweet spot for Educasting from Ireland is powered by an Audioboo channel called Educasting. It's where I hope visitors will go, subscribe and contribute. The Audioboo community is the most refreshing example of real social media and they have proven to me that authentic online social networking happens through social audio.


You can vote for Educasting from Ireland at http://edublogawards.com/2012awards/best-podcasts-for-educators-and-teachers-in-2012/

Bernie Goldbach teaches podcasting to university students in Ireland.

May 08, 2012

Promoting Local Businesses

by Natalie Goodman  in LIT Clonmel |237 words

South Tipperary Enterprise Board

The South Tipperary Enterprise Board is one of thirty-five County and City Enterprise Boards involved in a new initiative about getting business on-line, it offers support and advice to start up or existing businesses.For more information on this initiative or if you wish to enroll in a training course visit the website www.gettingbusinessonline.ie


South Tipperary Development Board

Promotes the local businesses and the amenities to which tourists will find interesting such as the Carrick-On-Suir to Kilsheelan Walk and Marlifield Walk, Cahir Castle and many more in the surrounding areas. It highlights the beauty of the surrounding countryside and enables locals as well as tourists the opportunity to engage in these wonderful walks as well as promoting South Tipperary's heritage.


The Clonmel Chamber of Commerce

The Clonmel Chamber is the largest business organisation in South Tipperary and represents the interests of the business community while also promoting economic development in the regions with a range of stakeholders and partners. Just recently they have introduced free Clonmel Wi-fi throughout Clonmel thanks to funding from the South Tipperary Development Company. This will help attract customers for the local businesses and is as step in the right direction, through using free wi-fi it enables the public to use the internet on laptops and mobile phones and Clonmel is at a huge advantage as they are the first to roll out free Wi-fi and for more information you can find them on Twitter @ClonmelChamber.

This content supports the Public Relations module offered by the Limerick Institute of Technology. You can find further details in a prospectus about the Honours Degree in Creative Multimedia.

May 07, 2012

How to find out about tipperary via online conversations.

Martha  LIT-Clonmel   127 words



Tipperary is a County of Ireland. It is located in the provinceof Munster and is named after the town of Tipperary. The population of the county is 158,652 according to the 2011 census. Tipperary is the sixth largest of the 32 counties by area and the 11th largest by population.

people can find out about tipperary  via online conversations like tweeter, facebook and many other social and public sites. people visiting GAA sites could get online information about Tipperary from this site.

Facebook has its very own Tipperary page, which gives detailed information about the county, and different places to visit in tipperary. This page also contains local tipperary news, and tipperary weather. people could talk to each other and find out more about tipperary through this page.

May 02, 2012

Promoting Local

Clonmel Chamber

Stephanie Sweetnam in LIT-Clonmel | Logo from Clonmel Chamber

Several local agencies play a major role in articulating the message of local products and services in the South Tipperary region.

The Clonmel Chamber of Commerce

The Clonmel Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organisations in South Tipperary.  Its members create and maintaina positive business environment in the area.  The Chamber enables organisations to develop new opportunities, generate additional revenue and to create further employment locally.  

South Tipperary County Development Board

Established to promote the economic, social and cultural development in South Tipperary, the South Tipperary County Development Board outlines its county strategy on its website. The strategy documents meeting notes from the four Programme Management Groups who oversee the implementation of the Strategy.  Currently, the South Tipperary County Development Board promotes South Tipperary in a 'Taste of Tourism in South Tipperary'.  Companies and business people can sell and promote their products while visiting tourist attractions in South Tipperary.

South Tipperary Enterprise Board

This agency provides advice, information and support for start-up and existing businesses in South Tipperary.  It operates schemes aimed at assisting through Grants and refundable aid, the establishment of microenterprises with the central objective of facilitating the creation and maintenance of sustainable jobs and the development of economic infrastructure at a local level.  The Enterprise Board supports information about starting and running a business, business skills training, management skills development, financial support, mentoring and E-Commerce Initiatives.

Related information for promoting local products and services appear in Bernie Goldbach's curated links.

March 28, 2012

Reflections on Mahon

original correspondence from the mahon report

Martha in the LIT-Clonmel  Bureau | 172 words

The Mahon report was set up to examine allegations of payments to politicians and corruption within the irish government. The Word Cloud above shows this very clearly.

The Mahon Report's main focus was on former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. This is documented in the Mahon Report. Politicians received money from property developers then often made decisions favourable to those developers. Although new housing estates were built, surrounding infrastructure often never received planning consideration.

Today in Ireland, there are hundrends of houses and bulidings around the country that are left uncompleted. In the local area, it's easy to see vacant houses on the Dublin Road overlooking the Rock of Cashel and the same kind of ghost estate near Glenconner in Clonmel, County Tipperary.

For me, a third level student and an observer of the Mahon Report, I feel it was wrong for the government to spend so much money on wages, expenses and pensions. It was wrong to accept money for access to politicians. And it is wrong to be cleaning up the banking mess that evolved on the back of an overheated economy falsely powered by construction.


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Word Cloud of Mahon

A View of Quarryvale

NATALIE GOODMAN in Clonmel | Word Cloud by Natalie | 183 words

The Mahon Tribunal was set up to help prevent or investigate corruption within the Irish government. Among those that are being investigated are former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. It is alledged that he took approximately €250,000.

Former European Minister Padraig Flynn is also being investigated for corruption in the planning process (e.g. agreeing to the construction of proprerties that should have not been built). Now in almost every town across the country there are ghost estates that remain half finished or an eyesore to the surrounding communities.

It is the belief of many that their pensions of €152,000 a year should be taken off them and any money that was taken should be paid back and used for vital resources such as schools and hospitals and roads.

In my opinoin I think its unfair for the general public to pay for the damages caused by the politicians in our government. Our country is in a mess and we owe a lot of money to other countries and the general public are suffering through various cuts and there is a lack of trust between the public and their government. 


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March 09, 2012

Notes on Multimedia eBooks from Wes Fryer

I LISTEN AND LEARN A LOT from Wes Fryer, and really treasure his outline of making multimedia ebooks available under a Creative Commons license from his epublishing wiki.

  1. eBook Formats
    1. Comparison of eBook Formats
    2. ePUB
    3. Kindle (.azw - .mobi)
    4. iBooks
  2. Why Enhanced/Multimedia eBooks are so COOL!
    1. "Snowflake Gets Lost" (enhanced ebook by OKCPS 2nd graders - background & photos)
    2. "Our Choice" by Al Gore (sets a high bar for interactive eBook features)
    3. "Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing"
  3. Authoring in Apple Pages
    1. Sample ePUB document from Apple
    2. Media formats and file names
    3. Inserting Media
    4. Exporting EPUB
    5. Citations / footnotes
  4. Other software options (not for enhanced/multimedia)
    1. iBooks Author (free, Mac-only)
    2. Converting with Calibre 
    3. Sigil (WYSIWYG eBook editor)
    4. Adobe InDesign CS5
  5. Publishing options
    1. DropBox (public folder)
    2. ePubBud
    3. Apple's iBookStore (see "approved Apple Aggregators" below)
    4. Amazon Kindle eBooks (Kindle Direct Publishing)
    5. Barnes & Noble Nook eBooks (PubIt)
    6. Smashwords
    7. Print: CreateSpaceLulu
  6. Q & A

Multimedia eBook Resources

  1. Comparison of eBook Formats (English WikiPedia)
  2. EPUB format information from the International Digital Publishing Forum
  3. Kindle Direct Publishing
  4. Apple Pages Software (commercial)
  5. Calibre Software (free / open source)
  6. sigil - a WYSIWYG ebook editor (not for enhanced/multimedia - free / open source)
  7. Audio and Video in EPUB: Straight to the Point Miniguide #2 ($5 ebook)
  8. Apple ePUB Template with recommended stylesheet
  9. Lulu.com
  10. Approved Apple Aggregators (companies) for the iTunes iBookstore – as of July 2011
  11. CreateSpace (publish print books on demand, Amazon’s official partner / channel)
  12. e-Junkie (sell digital content online)
  13. ePubBud
  14. eBook Help on speedofcreativity.org
  15. Wesley's delicious.com social bookmarks for eBooks

Free posts, presentations and podcasts about eBook authoring

  1. Podcast380: The Summer of Podfading is OVER: Let’s Talk eBooks! (17 Sep 2011)
  2. Podcast383: Creating eBook Yearbooks of Student Work (13 Oct 2011)
  3. Lessons Learned About Enhanced or Multimedia EPUB eBook Validation (15 Aug 2011)
  4. Working with Free eBooks on Kindle for iPad NOT from Amazon.com (24 May 2011)
  5. Reading the Fine Print: Considering Different eBook Publishing Options for the iBookstore (25 Jul 2011)
  6. Publishing eBooks to Amazon and iTunes iBookstore: Learning Curve Continues (29 Jul 2011)
  7. Validation errors in a multimedia or enhanced EPUB eBook (5 Aug 2011)
  8. Lessons Learned About Enhanced or Multimedia EPUB eBook Validation (15 Aug 2011)
  9. eBooks and ePub Format Digital Books: A #tltechforum Roundable (6 May 2011)
  10. Oodles of eBooks (podcast) by Carolyn Foote (@technolibrary on Twitter) – Session resources

Apps for eBook Creation

  1. eBook Creator ($4, make ePUBs)
  2. eBook Magic ($4, make ePUBs)
  3. Demibooks (free, create interactive eBooks but not ePUBs)

Wes Fryer has a presentation or workshop on creating multimedia ebooks. He delivers it as a three-hour workshop, 1 hour interactive videoconference, and downloadable podcast. Learn more at learn.playingwithmedia.com.

Workshop description: Learn how to create enhanced/multimedia eBooks including digital text, hyperlinks, images, and embedded videos. In addition to using Apple Pages software (part of iWork) participants will learn how to use Calibre software (free and cross-platform) to convert multimedia documents into a variety of eBook formats. 

Wesley's eBook, "Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing" is available in 3 formats for iPad, Kindle, and other eReaders including Nook.
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March 07, 2012

Measuring Vs Counting

rulersmeasuring is the process or the result of determining the ratio of  hysical quantity, such as a length,time and temperature. while counting is trying to figure out the number of things, or how much things cost.

Measuring is more important than counting becasue it gives you an accurate measure or balance of things. e.g it is important to measure how many tiles you would need for your kichen floor, than to try and count how many tiles are needed.

for deeper discussions go to Katie Paine's Measure What Matters Book.





Burn The Ships

Burn The Ships!  Cortez did and history tells us what became of him.  Previously used models for communication and marketing still exist but society is slowly moving toward the idea of Digital Interaction to make a statement or carry out a campaign.  What do you need and how do you deliver?

Interactive and deliverable content works well when all the stakeholders have a good grasp of the fundamentals of Digital Media.  All fields where fast communication of an idea is the ultimate end result need to fully grasp the nettle 0f 21st Century digital media platforms and utilise their knowledge of these platforms to gain a larger slice of the pie.

Burn The Ships!

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